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Decreased compaction with

specialised machinery, great for controlled traffic.

Our harvesting equipment has been specifically modified to operate in irrigation or controlled traffic situations. The headers are adjustable

from 3 to 4 metre wheel centres and 12 metre fronts we eliminate compaction throughout the paddock. It is also equip with a straw chopper, GPS and has yield mapping capability. We have a complete range of equipment to deal with all harvesting needs.

Equipment Available

  • 3 x John Deere Rotary Headers
  • 3 x 12m Draper Front
  • 8 Row Corn Front
  • Chaser Bins (2 & 3m wheel centres)
  • Trucks
  • Augers


  • All grain harvesting
  • Corn harvesting
  • Soybeans, Mungbeans, Chickpeas & Pigeon Peas
  • Yield Mapping
  • Grain freight